Benefits of Using LOCTITE® Threadlockers

2020-09-15 08:48:51 12
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Benefits of Using LOCTITE® Threadlockers

l  Locks mating threads to prevent loosening from vibration & shock

l  Seals against fluids & corrosion

l  Provides lubricity to achieve controlled strength during assembly1.

l  Prevents galling and seizing for reliable disassembly


Red or Blue? How to Choose a LOCTITE® Threadlocker




There are 3 things to consider when choosing a threadlocker and color is key, as it represents strength:

1. Strength

  Low Strength (Purple)

  Medium Strength (Blue) – most applications can be served with blue threadlocker

  High Strength (Red)

2. Fastener Size

  From < ¼” (6 mm) fasteners on up, there’s a LOCTITE threadlocker

3. Application Methods

      Pre-Assembly: Most LOCTITE® liquid threadlockers are designed to be applied at the moment parts are assembled

      Post-Assembly: Wicking grade formula can be applied on parts that are already assembled