• "Fuxing" CR300AF new EMU made its debut today

    China e-car network news: This morning (January 15), the D2809 train of the CR300AF new EMU of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. departed from Guiyang North Station and drove along the Gui-Guang high-speed rail a

    2021-01-27 cslyjdadm 8

  • High-speed rail surging China's power

    2020 is a special year: revival after the epidemic, rebirth from the ashes, unharmed.Powerful transportation country, railway first. Railway people never forget their original aspirations, keep their

    2021-01-27 cslyjdadm 14

  • CRRC delivered train for Jinan Metro Line 2

    FORM: 25/08/2020 On August 15, the train that CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. developed for Jinan Rail Traffic Line 2 arrived in Jinan as scheduled and was delivered to the user successfully. The Line 2

    2020-09-14 cslyjdadm 21

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