CRRC delivered train for Jinan Metro Line 2

2020-09-14 15:12:11 cslyjdadm 21

FORM: 25/08/2020 

        On August 15, the train that CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. developed for Jinan Rail Traffic Line 2 arrived in Jinan as scheduled and was delivered to the user successfully. The Line 2 train made its debut officially.

The Phase I construction of Jinan Rail Traffic Line 2 covers the east-west urban backbone express line, with a length of 36.4 kilometers and 19 stops. It is a B-type vehicle with an aluminum-alloy drum car body and 6-car sets. The maximum capacity is 1948 passengers, and the maximum operating speed is as high as 100 kilometers/hour. The train adopts a large amount of advanced technology and high standards, and boasts notable characteristics of high level of safety, intelligence, comfort and low energy consumption.

At the handover ceremony, the “appearance” of the new train was unveiled. The vehicle body is decorated with a yellow ribbon, and looks very smart and bright. The Line 2 train uses the line color “river yellow” as its main design color. As the route of the line follows the same direction of the Yellow River and Xiaoqinghe River, “river yellow” is adopted as the color of the line, and rivers symbolizes the long history of Qilu culture.