Clean bullets

Ultra Clean Technologies is the world's largest manufacturer of pipe cleaning equipment. Production line cleaning equipment and sponge bullets can be used under various working conditions. Projectiles are divided into 4 categories: super clean projectiles, hard tube projectiles, friction projectiles and matte projectiles. The cleaning pellet is the key element to complete the cleaning process and achieve the cleaning effect. Autoclin cleaning balls are made of high-quality polyurethane sponge material, with a closed honeycomb structure, high compressibility and high tear resistance.


Such as: UC-GR16 (frosted projectile with a diameter of 16mm)

The density is similar to the super clean bullet, but there is a layer of steel grit on the surface. Used to grind the oxide layer on the pipe wall or heavy pollution. Only suitable for straight pipes.


The friction and frosting projectiles can be reused until the friction layer is damaged or the frosting layer falls off. However, after using friction and frosted pellets, ultra-clean pellets should be used for the final cleaning of the pipeline.